Speaking of stocks, Wm Blair & Company has launched a new health care IT stock index.

Driven largely by the convergence of several important trends, the health care IT (HCIT) industry
continues to benefit from heightened demand for clinical information systems. These trends have
translated into attractive returns for HCIT investors in recent years, although the extent of this
performance has been arguably difficult to quantify on an aggregate basis.

The William Blair Health Care IT Index (WBHCIT), an equal-weighted basket comprising 31 HCIT
stocks, has been created to capitalize on the above-mentioned trends.

You won't find McKesson, GE Healthcare, Philips or Siemens because companies in the index must generate at least 50% of their revenue from HIT.

Now if some marketing guy at Wm Blair could create a little Java bug that showed a graph or current index value with a link to the index - that would be cool.