Yesterday Datascope launched an HL7 gateway for their Panorama wireless patient monitoring system. The gateway includes an ADT interface to download patient demographics, and the export of vital signs. From the press release:

The Panorama Gateway's unique design incorporates flexible
configuration tools and options, resulting in broad compatibility with
most vendors' HIS/CIS using HL7 version 2.x messaging, the industry
standard format for interfacing with HIS/CIS.

Support for multiple 2.x versions of HL7 is a plus. It would be interesting to know just what the phrase, "unique design incorporates flexible configuration tools and options" really means. Does it include the ability to shoot patient data to a remote ICU system at 60 second intervals, with a full patient load? That's something not everyone can do.

The Panorama Gateway comes on the heels of Datascope's AccuNet wireless connectivity solution for spot vital sign monitors. Pictured right is the Panorama system.