Draeger announced a deal with CNSystems Medizintechnik GmbH to incorporate CNSystems' continuous noninvasive arterial pressure (CNAP) monitoring technology into a new Draeger monitor. The technology provides
continuous, noninvasive monitoring of blood pressure with an arterial
waveform display.

“One of the major trends in healthcare today is toward less-invasive
care,” said Yossi Elaz, vice president of the monitoring and
information technology (IT) competency center of Dräger. “Another trend
is toward continuous, rather than intermittent monitoring. As a result
of our alliance with CNSystems, we are pleased to offer our customers
this noninvasive solution to continuous blood pressure monitoring,
which is aligned with Dräger Medical’s goal of being the leader in
continuous and noninvasive monitoring technologies.”

CNSystems is a great example of the maturity of the physiological parameter market. Like Aspect Medical and their pioneering of bispectral index, physiological parameter start ups can take a decade or more before their technology reaches the market.

In fairness to CNSystems, I must note that the model in the photo is hooked up for much more than just CNAP.