Finally! Rumored for some time, Kodak has agreed to sell its health care
imaging unit to Onex Corp. for as much as $2.55 billion to pay
down debt as it struggles to build its digital business. "Onex, Canada's biggest buyout firm, will pay $2.35 billion
in cash and up to $200 million more if certain milestones are
met, Kodak said today in a statement."

Kodak has acquired and driven into oblivion more health care imaging companies than I care to remember. I can't think of a company who has had a more disastrous and damaging run in health care than Kodak. The fact that thousands of lives were (at best) disrupted by Kodak's wanton mismanagement is tragic. I'm surprised some lawyer hasn't gotten a stockholder class action law suite out of this slow motion train wreck.

Let's see how many companies destroyed by Kodak we can list - I'll be the first to add mine in the comments below.

Pictured right is a shot of a "point of care" digital printer that Kodak was showing at RSNA. Thinking I would turf the sales rep an easy question, I asked why you'd want to print images at the bedside - which earned me a blank stare and no response.

UPDATE: The list of Kodak acquisitions in the comments is up to 5 - the last commenter has an encyclopedic memory.