It’s finally here, my summary of HIMSS 2007 trends and the medical device/HIT industry in the May/June issue of MX magazine. As my longest published article, it runs 8 pages - okay, it’s mostly photos (even one of mine I shot at HIMSS).

MX is using some new web content presentation software, so I can’t provide a link directly to the story - here’s a link to the issue. You’ll have to click Contents at the top of the web page, mouse down the contents to Information Technologies and click 2007 IT Showcase.

This year the Showcase was really a collaborative effort between me and managing editor Lori Luechtefeld, who also attended HIMSS. Lori also found many of the highlighted products that accompany the article.

The following is a list of all posts about HIMSS 07:

This year I also did a series of posts on tips for HIMSS attendees and vendors: