You Won't Find This Information in Publications or Vendor Blogs

Just where does one draw the boundaries around "digital health?"

This will be a discussion unlike those you see in publications or hear at trade shows. We’ll cut through the noise and conventional thinking to key issues regarding what’s needed and what to avoid, in order to be successful in the digital health market.

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Join me for a 1-hour conversation with Bridget Moorman about digital health.

  • What does the term digital health mean to us?
  • How have the different levels of technology adoption between the US and EU shaped digital health initiatives in each country?
  • What comparisons and contrasts do you see between the EU and the US? Is the US ahead or behind the EU in digital health adoption?
  • How do different digital health market segments align with different technologies and market environments?
  • What areas of data interoperability are important across the health care system to enabling digital health? What are some of the barriers and what is the prognosis for the near term?
  • How much of a threat are Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple to digital health vendors?

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About Bridget Moorman

Besides being a contributor to the blog here, Bridget Moorman, MSBME, CCE, has 25 years experience in the clinical engineering field and currently consults internationally for medical device companies, information technology companies, medical device integration companies, standards promulgation organizations, medical mobile application companies, mobile telecommunications companies and healthcare and healthcare purchasing organizations. Prior to consulting, she worked for Kaiser Permanente and University Medical Center in Tucson, doing strategic technology management and work on special projects. Bridget is also a retired Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Note:  Medical Connectivity webinars do not require you to download any software and can be viewed in Chrome or Firefox browsers.