Last week I attended an InnerWireless
webinar. Brian McAlpine, Director of Healthcare Technology, took the
group through an overview of wireless issues in hospitals and explained
a bit about the Medical-Grade Wireless Utility provided by

InnerWireless is one of a few interesting vendors in healthcare
bringing enterprise solutions to what have traditionally been point
solutions. The point solutions in this example are the many RF
applications in a typical hospital, like pagers, wireless phones,
wireless medical devices, 802.11 a/b/g, and even cellular carriers.
Like many point solutions, these various RF applications are sometimes
acquired and implemented independent of one another, resulting in
problems. The process of planning and implementing a common RF
infrastructure requires that all current and anticipated wireless
applications be considered together.

You can replay the webinar here. If you're interested in attending a future InnerWireless webinar, email Tom Eagle at [email protected].