Cisco is touting Sweden's largest hospital as medical grade network showcase. So far Karolinska University Hospital
has simply hooked up remote sites and deployed a WLAN (800 access
points). No advanced features are reported, but they mention plans for
video conferencing, and VoIP wireless phones.

Karolinska, which is a world leader in cancer research and treatment,
is using the Cisco Medical-Grade Network to connect as many as 14,000
users in sites around Stockholm. Two thousand of the users will access
the network via more than 800 Cisco wireless access points. Karolinska
has already started to deploy applications such as real-time video
conferencing over the Cisco network. It is developing an e-enabled
operating room which will broadcast operations and support real-time
interaction world wide. Other future applications include Cisco
Internet Protocol communications and replacing doctors' bleepers with
handheld devices and mobile phones so that they can be alerted and can
access information from a hospital site or remotely.