In a puff piece for Extreme Networks, Computerworld reports that Hancock Regional Hospital is considering wireless VoIP phones. The 106 bed hospital has deployed about 30 Altitude 350-2 wireless access points. This AP supports 802.11a/b/g simultaneously, and seems to support the new IEEE standards like 802.11i (security) and 802.11e (quality of service). While they probably have no immediate plans to use 802.11a, the hospital will be glad they've got it in just a few years.

Wireless communications should have a significant impact on productivity, there is no mention of medical device integration or alarm notification. Nor is there any mention of integration with nurse call systems.

Done right, wireless VoIP can provide significant patient safety benefits, in addition to better staff productivity.

Pictured right is Extreme Networks Altitude 350-2 access point, just like the one Hancock has.