I noted the other day that fellow blogger Shahid Shah, The Healthcare IT Guy, had a post on a free scanner for detecting the use of USB drives on your network. The tool he mentions is called Endpoint Scan, and has some very powerful features - be sure to read his post (you can see a sample report here).

Today I came across some additional info on USB drive security, a white paper and webinar here.

A potential problem with medical devices is they probably won't be on either your enterprise network or a private network - otherwise, why would you need to sneaker-net a USB drive around? Without a network to "deliver" the scanning tool, you have no means to monitor USB usage. The security tools above are more interested in the unauthorized slurping of data off the corporate network. But, as I've mentioned before, there is also the risk of USB drives introducing malicious code into poorly locked down medical devices or PCs.

I wonder what The Healthcare Guy would suggest for this? Pictured right is the teddy bear USB drive.