Blogger Bruce Hubbert posts an update on the Cisco wireless LAN problem he called, "the ripple effect." You can read the original post here. Bruce notes that Partners Healthcare has been struggling with this issue, noting:

...that a fix is forthcoming from Cisco, "They are revamping the behavior
of RRM in the WLC 4.1 Maintenance release." Which is later confirmed by
a Cisco employee, Saurabh Bhasin a TME,

"With the
4.1 Maintenance Release(MR) due out on shortly, many
improvements based on such feedback have been brought into RRM's
algorithms ? improvements aimed at allowing administrators to fine-tune
their RRM-run WLANs where desired. These enhancements will allow for
greater control over both the channel and power output selection
algorithms, so administrators may assist RRM in being either more or
less aggressive in such decisions, depending on application and network
needs. Additionally, enhancements have been made to the management and
reporting of all RRM information and configuration alterations to allow
for better tracking of RF environmental fluctuations and to assist in
keeping track of RRM activity. Further technical detail on the inner
workings of these enhancements will be available very soon in an update
to the above-mentioned RRM Whitepaper."

The paper he references is found here and explains a lot of what we are all seeing. (here is the PDF version)

As an aside, Bruce is a Principal Systems Engineer at AirMagnet, a vendor of wireless LAN planning, management and troubleshooting solutions. Pictured right are a couple of Cisco access points.