A bleary eyed day 3 of HIMSS. There's a lot of energy at the show this year - the exhibit hall is full with both attendees and exhibitors. Many write about the theme or hot topics at events. HIMSS has gotten so big, with such depth, that its easy to find that your interests are the hot topic at HIMSS. There have been some interesting announcements, which I'll post on in the coming days. Many vendors have refined or shifted their strategies in ways that will impact their future products and customers.Yesterday I caught up with a very old friend. We started attending HIMSS over 20 years ago. He observed that some things never change.

There's still a tremendous amount of spin and vapor ware. Sure there are new vendors and fresh faces but an alarming number of vendors still can't describe their product in understandable language or articulate their value proposition beyond an alphabet soup of acronyms, "glamor words" and jargon. In meeting with one vendor yesterday, I asked repeatedly, "what is this?" In frustration I asked, "how would your marketing guy describe this?" His reply, "I am the marketing guy." Uh, open mouth, insert foot...

Pictured at top is the only mobile device at HIMSS (or anywhere else) purpose built for health care from Intellidot.