On Thursday, May 21, 2009 WAV Distribution and and client Summit Data Communications are hosting a web seminar on Converging Medical Device and Enterprise Networks, with yours truly.

As automation converges ever closer to the point of care, medical device systems are increasingly coming to the attention of hospital IT departments. Applications like EMRs, alarm notification, and enterprise-wide deployments of medical device systems are all driving the convergence of private medical device networks with the hospital enterprise network.

Consolidating medical device networks onto the enterprise network eliminates "islands of information" and supports broad deployment of systems like smart infusion pumps and point of care diagnostic testing devices. Moving medical devices from private networks to enterprise networks, however, can prove challenging.

This webinar explores the special requirements medical device systems place on an enterprise networks and provides best practices for creating safe and effective converged networks. Topics covered include: regulatory issues, networking specifications, vendor selection, implementation and management for converged networks.

You can register for the webinar here. I'll post links to the recorded webinar and a downloadable version after the event.

UPDATE: You can find the webinar listed at Wav Wireless Outfitter's site, here, and view a stream of the recorded webinar here. You can also download a copy of just the presentation here (4.4Mb pdf).