On June 7th, 2013 the Texas Children's Hospital and Smith Seckman Reid are producing an educational workshop on medical device connectivity. Nursing is the predominate perspective explored in this event. (One of my pet peeves is all the focus physicians get from vendor's marketing departments. Yet, when it comes to systems in hospitals, the predominate user - by far - is nursing.)

TCH, an early adopter of clinical documentation into EMRs and alarm notification, has some of the most extensive experience with medical device connectivity in the US. They're hosting and presenting at this one day seminar. Here's the blurb on the event, with links to where you can register. Besides the great content, the next best thing is the cost - free. The only downside is there's room for just 150 attendees.

The context for this even is the planning, implementation and opening of a new building at TCH. This was a maj0r new building with both ambulatory and inpatient facilities, and lots of new technology and systems. Besides expanding the physical plant, TCH was looking to improve patient care and outcomes.

The day opens with a focus on workflow and assessing needs. TCH delves into their vision of technology in the service of improved workflow and past experience about the system's they've implemented. Next, myself, Debbie Gregory and Joyce Sensmeier will be on a panel discussing the issues from an industry perspective. In the afternoon, TCH presents "executing the vision," and their experience with the opportunities and challenges of the new systems and how they impacted operations in their new building.

Should be a terrific event.

Tim Gee is Principal of Medical Connectivity Consulting. He is a master connectologist, technologist and strategist working for medical device and IT companies and various provider organizations. You can learn more about Tim here.