Most clients have been readers of this site, who after a period of time, gain a good grasp of my areas of knowledge and expertise. However, not everyone comes to me through my blog, so after many requests for biographies, resumes, CVs, etc., I'm putting everything in one central area.  Here you can learn more than I'm sure you've ever wanted to know about your perspicacious connectologist, Tim Gee.

Tim is the Principal of Medical Connectivity Consulting founded in 2004. He also collaborates on projects with a number of firms and consultants to cover broader areas of expertise or to scale up resources. Some of these associations include Karma Health Partners and Netspective.

Tim started in health care in the mid 1980s, with software startup Trinity Computing Systems. Trinity was a pioneer in medical device connectivity and applications developed on networked PCs - starting with the Apple II and then the IBM PC. Over the years Tim has worked for a variety of health care IT and medical device companies, mostly in medical device connectivity. In 2004 he started Medical Connectivity Consulting, and this blog. Since then, he's completed many projects, large and small, for both hardware and software manufacturers and provider organizations.

The foundation of his consulting practice is, "workflow automation through the integration of medical devices and information systems." As most medical device workflow occurs at the point of care, Tim's focus includes technologies like real time location systems (RTLS), alarm notification, unified communications, point of care computing devices, nurse call systems, medical device data systems, application software development, networking, and connectivity enablement for a wide range of medical devices. As workflow automation has reached ever closer to the point of care, Tim has grown increasingly involved in regulatory strategy and Biomed/IT hospital governance issues.

You can read more about consulting services for manufacturers here, and services for providers here.

Tim is also affiliated with the Insight Community, Guidepoint Global Advisors, and Kingfish Group.

Additional Information

If you're looking for more detail of Tim's work as a master connectologist, the following information is available (just click the links).

Social Media

With the success of his blog, Tim has expanded to pursue a variety of other social media. He's helped numerous individuals and companies begin blogging, with blog business plans, application and hosting recommendations, content and authorship strategies, marketing, social media policy suggestions and tracking results. Besides this site, Tim uses the following social media:

About Patricia

Another health care lifer, Patricia brings over 25 years in Medical Device Product Marketing, requirements development, market analysis and planning, including 6 years focused on communications, message development, product launch and support of the sales organization.
Previous companies include General Electric Medical Systems, ATL Ultrasound (now Philips, Siemens Medical Systems and Applied Precision, LLC (now GE Healthcare) and Beachhead Consulting Group.
Previous roles include Ultrasound Applications Specialist, Product Specialist, Senior Product Manager, Senior Manager- Marketing Communications, Director of Corporate Marketing, Senior Market Analyst-Biotechnology.
  • Ability to learn and understand technical products and capabilities and develop messaging that communicates product value.
  • -Requirements Management through the product life cycle.
  • Process oriented and intentional marketing programming for international deployment.
  • Focus on continuous improvement from good to great.
  • Comfortable working with all levels of a complex, international organization.