Due to a sustained brute-force password attack on this site's administrative panel, I have turned off post comments for the time being. As always, you can email me at any time with your question, comment or inquiry. All of the 800+ comments made on the site up to now are still there, and will remain accessible.

I am currently exploring commenting system alternatives to to replace that which is provided with WordPress. Many of these third party systems reduce the attack surface of websites running WordPress (and have more commenting features).

You may recall, a few years ago, this site was infected for a few days with malicious software via the Tom Thumb script that was used by my template vendor. I found a great service for cleaning this up, getting my domain off black-lists, and ongoing monitoring. This password attack has been the only other data security related issue that's come up in some 12 odd years. I consider myself lucky.

If anyone has suggestions for commenting systems, let me know. Otherwise, I should have comments active again in a few weeks.