If you're reading this, you missed my live interview with Ron Remy. Click the button below to watch the replay. You can submit questions to Ron or myself via the question form on the replay page. 

Join Ron Remy and me in a discussion of the messaging value pyramid model (pictured below) as it applies to messaging systems for care teams providing enterprise-wide patient care.

Watch the replay here.

Value Pyramid by Ron Remy, CEO, Mobile Heartbeat

Ron and I will discuss:

  • Requirements for moving up the messaging value pyramid
  • The shift from point solutions to adopting enterprise-wide communications
  • How messaging adoption can be leveraged for process and workflow re-engineering and quality improvement
  • Aligning customer aspirations with their level of achievement on the value pyramid.

During the interview, we will also take questions from those attending the live event. (Send advance questions to:  [email protected])

Watch the replay here.

About Ron Remy

Ron Remy, CEO of Mobile Heartbeat and former executive of a number of medical device technology companies including Modiv Media and BioMed 20/20.  Ron began his career as a systems engineer for Sun Microsystems. Mr. Remy holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Note:  Medical Connectivity webinars do not require you to download any software and can be viewed in Chrome or Firefox browsers.