Join me for an in-depth discussion with David Hogland, a long time colleague of mine as we discuss all things wireless in health care.

This 1-hour event took place on Wednesday, March 28.  See link below to view the recorded session.

Our discussion will delve into the following areas:

  • The differences between consumer and enterprise wireless technologies and how they impact usability
  • The use of cellular in hospitals
  • Wireless medical device best practices
  • The best wireless technologies for health care
  • Common wireless mistakes by manufacturers and providers

During the interview, we will also take questions from those attending the live event. (Send advance questions to:  [email protected])

Join us for a discussion with one of the most knowledgeable guys in the wireless field in health care!

About David Hogland

David is the Founder and CEO for Integra Systems Inc. David brings over thirty years of medical device experience coupled to thirty years of knowledge and expertise in wireless technology. His firm's capabilities extend to UHF/VHF to short range technologies like Zigbee and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and include 4G and 5G cellular. David has developed unique wireless medical device test plans resulting in gaining FDA 510(k) clearances for numerous manufacturers.

Link to recorded session

Note:  Medical Connectivity webinars do not require you to download any software and can be viewed in Chrome or Firefox browsers.