Day: February 17, 2005

Baxter's Wireless Pump

Baxter's Colleague CX pump received its 510k about 2 months ago for adding wireless connectivity and monitoring. Using their Patient Care System with the pump, Baxter provides local formulary in the pump (with wireless...

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Alaris Wireless Pump

Alaris currently has 200 Medley customers (with Guardrails, their smart pump/formulary/anonymous CQI database). At four of them, nurses enter the patient ID through a bubble keypad on the pump so they can pull pump data into...

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Hospira Wireless Pump

Hospira launched their "smart pump," made up of wireless pump, patient safety app, and associated server, 18 months ago. Like all the other smart pumps, the customer's formulary is stored in the pump.  The MedNet application...

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