EMR Vendor Launches EHR Blog

EHR and practice management system vendor Greenway Medical Technologies has launched its own blog (weblog) to provide a central location for news and updated information regarding EHR industry developments. From the press release:

The blog is accessible through a link from Greenway's corporate web site, www.greenwaymedical.com.
It features a compilation of breaking news stories, updates and
analysis from various healthcare IT publications, news outlets and
government insiders. The blog is updated regularly and reports EHR
updates as the industry continues to work with federal and local
governments in setting interoperability and certification standards
throughout the industry. The blog also follows pending EHR bills as
they make their way through Congress, such as the “Wired for Health
Care Quality Act”, senate bill 1418, which will award grants for IT to
physicians, hospitals, other health care providers, regional health
information exchanges, and to states establishing health IT loan
programs. In addition to news from various national media outlets, the
blog provides commentary from industry insiders as well.

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