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Boston Scientific got some press on their remote monitoring capability.

The LATITUDE patient management system is able to detect clinical
events between a patient's scheduled follow-up visits and then send the
clinical event data directly to the physician.

Over the course of 106,000 monitoring months, and out of a
15,000-patient population with an average follow-up of seven months,
the system detected 948 patients with at least one event of sustained
atrial arrhythmia for more than 24 hours.

This feature has been released for some time, but new data is always an excuse for a press release.

St Jude Medical has received FDA clearance for their wireless ICDs and CRTs. This capability replaces induction wands for programming and receiving data from the implanted devices. Unlike the remote monitoring capability provided by Biotronik and Boston Sci (above), the St Jude feature does not provide remote monitoring between follow ups.

And a while back, Medtronic announced FDA clearance for the first implantable cardiac devices available with Medtronic's
proprietary Conexus Wireless Telemetry, developed using the Medical
Implant Communications Service (MICS, 402-405 MHz). The Medtronic remote monitoring function is limited to transmissions between implanted device and a home based receiver. This contrasts with Biotronik's remote monitoring that uses a mobile phone like gateway devices that can communicate over a wireless carrier network or POTS (plain old telephone system).

Pictured right is the Biotronik wireless remote monitoring gateway, the CardioMessenger.


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  1. Kirby Knight

    I have 99 pages of info downloaded from my St Judes ICD. Its just pages of numbers and letters. Is there anyone that could decode this data for me, independent of St Judes.
    Have a good day

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